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The mission of SomaliBusiness.Info is to encourage the growth of Somali businesses worldwide. With the number of entrepreneurs growing on daily basis, we wanted to create a go-to website where all Somali entrepreneurs come together to share and motivate one another. Additionally, beside encouraging Somali entrepreneurship, we also will list and promote your business for FREE if you decide to list your business on our front page. 

The entrepreneurial mindset is what created Netflix, Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other multibillion companies. All these companies started at step 1, then step 2, then step 3 – until they reached where they are now.  But what got them where they are now is the having the entrepreneurial mindset. 

Things we do

✔️web design

✔️social media marketing

✔️digital marketing

✔️search engine marketing

✔️search engine optimization

✔️pay per click

✔️facebook advertising

✔️google ad

✔️brand awareness

✔️social media management

✔️e-commerce training / coaching

✔️business cards

✔️business consulting

✔️business copywriting

✔️landing page

✔️instagram advertising

✔️youtube ads

✔️lead generation

Millions of entrepreneurs are taking over the business world via ecommerce; thanks to the power of the internet. SomaliBusiness.Info believes in self-enhancement, progression, positive mindset, high self-esteem, one’s ability, unlimited success, moving forward, learning from failure and achieving the dreams.  We are here not only to encourage you to start your entrepreneurship journey, but to work with you along the way until you have reached your goals. 

Whatever business you are involved in, you can leverage the internet in general and social media, advertising and organic traffic in particular grow your business and increase conversion. If you don’t know how to do this (which most people don’t), leave it for us; we will do it for you.

Additionally, if you don’t have your business yet, we will help you get started today. Here at SomaliBusiness.Info – we are strong believers of making money online. We know for this this is possible because we see it everyday. There are more than 60 ways you can make money online (legitimately & legally) if you have acumen and toil characteristics. 

SomaliBusiness.Info training courses are coming soon. We will teach you how you can work and make money online and start internet-based businesses.

The focused areas include

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Dropshipping

3. Freelance Work

4. Blogging

5. Web Design

6. Graphic Design

7. Traffic Arbitrage

8. Digital Arbitrage

and many more…

So – stay put. 

We’ll post on here when the training starts.

Business iyo ganacsi hada lahayn. In yar no sabar, ukaadi, waqti dhow waxaan biloow doona cashiro (courses) o an dedka Somaliyeed u dhigi doono sida internet-ka laga shaqeeysto o business/ganacsi internet-ka ah o biloowdo.  Cashirka waxa lagu dhigaaya af-Soomaali iyo af-Ingiriis.

Noo sabar. 

Tababarkeena markaa isku diwaan geliso oona isku qorto, 

waxyaabahaa baraneeso wuxu ka mid yahay

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Dropshipping

3. Freelance Work

4. Blogging

5. Web Design

6. Graphic Design

7. Traffic Arbitrage

8. Digital Arbitrage

iyo wax kasii badan

Marka – sabar lahaaw. Waqtiguu tababarka bilawanaayo halkaa aya lagu dhejineyya. 

Some of the companies that experienced our tours

"What I love about SomaliBusiness is that the guides are not afraid to get off the beaten track and show us the real work. This is an I will definitely come back to"
Alene Elvine
HR Manager
“The SomaliBusiness guidance was everything I hoped for, and more. I would have never discovered the true passion for my job if it wasn't for SomaliBusiness"
Jonas Gerber
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